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Corrections Lieutenant

: Under direction, the Corrections Supervisor (Lieutenant) is responsible for directly supervising the Correctional staff to ensure order, safety and security in the county jail. This position reports directly to the Assistant Director of Custody and Security and/or other higher-level officials as designated. This position is responsible for the supervision of Corrections staff and may address other lower level staff members for items related to safety and security. When necessary, it is required that Corrections Supervisors be able to work in excess of ten (10) hours and up to sixteen (16) hours at one time and without restrictions and be able to perform the duties and responsibilities at 100% of capacity in order to be fit for duty. Duties include supervising the staff in the security and operation of the facility on a day-to-day basis as set forth in policy and procedure, other applicable facility directives and memoranda, and by law. In the absence of a higher authority, the Corrections Supervisor assumes full command of the facility and is responsible for its security and operation. Responsible for the supervision and control of inmates as well as the security and discipline within the facility. Handles certain administrative matters that arise during their tour of duty. Updates the on-coming Supervisor prior to the end of their shift. Conducts shift briefing for Corrections Officers during roll call at the start of every shift. Maintains a log of the shift briefing notes. Submits reports concerning unusual incidents occurring during the shift. Immediately contacts the Assistant Director(s) or Director of any emergency situation. Directs the assignments of Corrections Officers and insures they are properly instructed. Monitors the work performance of Corrections Officers in accordance with established policies and procedures. Reviews post assignments to insure compliance with existing policy. Makes suggestions for changes when necessary. Conducts uniform inspections to ensure that each Officer’s uniform and appearance is in compliance with the established dress code. Also observes non-uniformed staff and notifies an individual’s direct supervisor if they observe a violation of the established dress code. Address immediate concerns directly. Maintains the Officer schedule and accurately logs overtime, days off and switches. Reports necessary information to the appropriate staff when necessary. Approves or denies Officer’s requests for time off after reviewing the schedule to ensure minimum shift requirements are met. Reviews the daily activity schedules for the facility and determines levels of coverage required to ensure inmate safety and security. Determines other coverage needs according to changing circumstances such as special programs and fire drills. Conducts fire drills according to a monthly schedule and on a random occasional basis. Assesses success of the drill and identifies sources of any problems. Initiates disciplinary action procedures after violations of policy, procedure, directives, etc. May be required to hold disciplinary hearings when directed by the Administration. Participates in staff training, including training during the Corrections Officer Basic Training. Evaluates training deficiencies of staff and recommends appropriate training. Develops leadership and increases the competence of Officers under his/her command. Reports exceptional performance of Corrections Officers to the Assistant Director of Custody and Security in writing. Oversees staff in their handling of inmate counts, cell searches, security inspections and patrols. Ensures that security functions are performed either as scheduled or as the situation dictates. Attempts to resolve inmate complaints and formal grievances when they are presented. Answers inmate requests, provides counseling when necessary and assists with classification decisions and misconduct hearings. Conducts inspections of inmates, inmate housing units and all other areas to check for any breach of security, unsanitary conditions, cleanliness, non-serviceable equipment, and observe the Officers assigned to specific duties and responsibilities. Makes at least two (2) security inspections of the entire facility each shift. Conducts one complete inspection of an inmate housing unit that is assigned to them during each tour of duty. Documents all inspections in daily logs. Corrects and documents any breaches of security found. Forwards reports to the Assistant Director of Custody and Security and the Director of Corrections. Prepares daily shift reports of prominent events during the shift and forwards to the appropriate staff for further action or record keeping. Completes Incident Reports when warranted and reviews all reports for clarity and content. Returns poorly written or inaccurate reports to the writer for corrections. Forwards all completed reports to appropriate personnel. Immediately places inmate property of extraordinary value into the appropriate property bag and ensures it is secured. Responsible for the supervision and control of all inmates and staff in emergency situations. Review monthly Supervisor Tour/Inspection Reports; Tour hospital post; Meet with other Corrections Supervisors to prepare 28-day schedules; Determines housing assignments of newly admitted inmates in the absence of classification personnel. Ensures that Officers on the shift are on their assigned posts unless officially relieved. Ensures Officers complete all unit rounds as well as perimeter rounds including documentation of rounds. Reviews all post logs each shift. Limits the use of force against inmates to that necessary to establish security and control. Evaluates threats to safety and security. Responsible for issuance and use of chemical agents or Taser only when absolutely necessary. Conducts investigations as directed by a higher authority, documents investigations in accordance with policy and procedure and refers reports to appropriate staff. Works with law enforcement officials in conjunction with administrative staff to provide and/or obtain information concerning crime within the facility. Arranges for needed medical and hospital care for inmates, in conjunction with medical staff. Contacts inmates’ families when directed to relay information concerning inmate welfare. Oversees the planning of inmate transports and assigns trained Officers to carry out such transports. Attends meetings, maintains files and keeps records as assigned. All other duties as assigned. Performs related work as may be required.

Pay Range: Starting Salary $59,800

St. Charles,