We now offer our paid class advertisers to be featured in our quarterly mailer that will be sent out to departments all over the United States, advertising your upcoming training! Your classes will be sent out to at least two hundred agencies across the nation by being a paid class advertiser! The next tri-fold brochure will be sent out on 06/01/2019 and will advertise the next three months of upcoming courses. The brochure will have the title of the training as well as the company name and training location.

Why pay $35 to $50 dollars per class listing when you can affordably list all your classes with us at a reasonable and fair rate. This website was designed specifically for law enforcement training companies to have an affordable outlet to advertise their training events and products! The bold training calendar with class description is something that has been lacking with most of the competition. We have our jobs section where departments and companies can list their upcoming job openings free to fellow officers, which can include off duty jobs. We now offer a quarterly mailer that will be sent out to departments all over the United States that will feature your upcoming training courses for paid class advertisers only. You can also purchase one of our advertising blocks at a reasonable rate as well as have your company video placed on the front page at a low cost. You’ll notice our advertisement blocks appear on mobile devices as well, which is how most officers access training pages. Your class will stay listed until the day your course has started, and jobs will stay on the site for six months unless you request to have it removed. We look forward to serving your needs when it comes to getting your message out about what your company has to offer to law enforcement. You can visit our contact form about advertising with us or add your class today for free.