Don’t let your Emotions Control the Situation

Posted by: Ray Beshirs

May 15, 2018

This video shows us an officer making an arrest on a 65 year old female for disorderly conduct. I know I’ve made plenty of mistakes as well as a police officer and human being in general, but we can learn from these types of incidents and hopefully not fall into the emotional arrest trap. We can always ask ourselves if the arrest we’re about to make is in the best interest of the community and the agency. We must expect people to become upset in these types of incidents, and realize them asking questions is not always a disrespect to our authority. I realize that compliance on the part of the motor vehicle operator would’ve also helped to prevent this from happening, but our job is to be the one in control when they’re not in control of themselves. This is also why we teach our De-escalation Instructor course to our fellow law enforcement officers in hopes to change these types of encounters with a better outcome. You also have supervisors that could help to identify officers that are having issues and hopefully through conversation and training not get themselves in these types of incidents. This is not just a PR disaster for the agency involved, but rather law enforcement in general. I hope you all stay safe and return home to your loved ones.


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