Taser & and Gasoline don’t Mix

Posted by: Ray Beshirs

April 13, 2018

We recently had an incident in our area where a suspect was possibly ignited after the use of a taser. We in law enforcement are trained not to use a taser if we know someone has doused themselves with a flammable liquid, but we’ve become so dependent on this great tool. We’re a big believe in using the tools on your belt to protect yourself, but we also realize the tools are not always going to be available or appropriate for the situation. We have officers in law enforcement that are afraid to have a physical struggle because they’re not confident in their abilities and haven’t been well trained, plus we have those that never should have made it out of a police academy. You must have the physical and mental fortitude to be a police officer, but the reduction of hiring standards and lack of training has caused a significant problem. We say this because we want the administrations to make training a priority within their own agency and reduce the chances of an officer or citizen being injured or killed.


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