Officer Attacked During Traffic Stop

Posted by: Ray Beshirs

April 13, 2018

We wanted to point out several things we can learn from this video, which include making sure to control the hands during a frisk and not letting the assailant remove items from their person. We would also suggest having a backup officer on scene before going hands on. We realize not every agency is going to have a backup readily available. The suspect punched the officer several times in the face as the officer grabbed onto his shirt and began to attempt to build a rapport. We teach a de-escalation instructor course to officers across the country, but we also stress the importance of not jeopardizing your own safety to attempt de-escalation. You cannot have a victim mentality, and must be violent and aggressive when dealing with this type of attack. The offender in this situation has an offensive mindset that can be changed to a defensive mindset with the right amount of violence in return. This also stresses again the importance of repeated training and adequate hiring standards for departments.


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