Offender Attempts to Stab Officer

Posted by: Ray Beshirs

April 13, 2018

This comes to us from Georgia, where an officer attempts to stop the vehicle for speeding. The officer did a great job by not running up the vehicle after the crash. You want to make sure to maintain cover after an incident like this because you never know if the suspect is armed, especially being by yourself. You’ll notice how quick the attack can come from a knife that can be easily concealed, but the officer recognized the threat and gained distance at the same time. We always train our fellow officers to move forward at angles to avoid falling and having a suspect be on top. This demonstrates the reason why we teach our Knife Defense Instructor course, because many suspects carry knives on their person that can be quickly accessed. We would also recommend separating the officer involved in the deadly force situation once the scene is secure and backup is on scene. Remember that combat breathing can be help you to slow down your heart rate after an adrenaline dump. The officer involved performed CPR on scene, but the suspect died from his wounds and bad decision making.


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